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Do You Have Psychic Protection? 
by Jenny Smedley

Anyone who opens their centers to energies that they have little knowledge of or control over could leave themselves exposed to dark influences. Possession by a malevolent entity is the most obvious form of psychic attack, but there are more subtle ones. Have you ever picked up your telephone and got a horrible sinking feeling for no real reason when you discover that a certain person is calling? After the call do you feel drained and emotionally exhausted? When you bump into a certain person, do they always stand too close to you, invading your aura, and leaving you feeling almost violated? Have you ever found yourself acting totally out of character in a negative way or suffering sudden loss of memory, or feeling constantly tired despite rest? Do you have recurrent nightmares or visions, or a scary feeling that someone is watching you? Is there a room in your house that used to be a haven and yet suddenly feels hostile to you? If you have experienced any of these uncomfortable situations, then you may well be experiencing a ‘psychic attack'.

Obviously mediums who seek communication with the spirit world are particularly at risk from unwelcome attention. Attacks can come to you intentionally or by accident. The intentional kinds take the form of spells and curses, or invasion by a discarnate entity, which are all deliberately targeted at you personally. They can have debilitating effects on your health and drain your positive energy, leaving it open to negative input. Other attacks, like the ones in the phone calls for instance, might not deliberate. The person may not be aware that they are draining you, only that they feel energized after they’ve talked to you.

There are many methods of protecting yourself against both these kinds of attack. Some are given freely and others are available commercially. For the unwelcome psychic vampire on the phone, or the space-invader in person, there are simple means of prevention. For telephone protection, the most obvious is to have a ‘caller display’ on your phone and ignore calls from that person. The other is to have your feet on the floor and to cross your ankles while talking to them. This helps to close your body circuit and leaves you less open to an energy drain. For the person who ‘gets in your face’ and won’t back off, a very simple expedient is to strengthen your own aura, by visualizing it all as a bulge in front of you, and then ‘pushing’ the energy towards the other person. If you persevere with this, they will back off.

The most severe kind of psychic attack comes in the form of possession. This is when an entity actually takes over the physical body, manipulating it for its own purposes. This can bring about significant changes in behavior. In a recent episode of Living TV’s Most Haunted, I was horrified to see that medium, Derek Acorah, appeared to be briefly possessed by a murderer. It was frightening to watch as Derek cursed and shouted and struggled, seeming to threaten some of the film crew.

Derek’s quote…

"Most psychics and mediums have their own methods of defense. They shared some of them with me."

Sharon Neill, from the BBC2 documentary on mediums, believes that it’s quite dangerous for people to just read books on developing their own intuitive abilities, because she says, “You need to get some experience, and learn about your spirit guides, and you can’t learn about them from books.” But for newcomers, Sharon always recommends that they use the ‘light’ method of protection. “Visualise a white light coming from below your base chakra and draw it slowly up right over the top of your crown. Then, when you want to close down, which is equally important, do the same in reverse. This is not only an effective closing of your centers, but later on when you’re used to your ‘team’, it’s also a signal to them that you are ready to close down. “Sharon recently had an experience in an Irish Castle that demonstrated perfectly how her team works to protect her. “There was the spirit of a Knight there, from the time of Cromwell, and he saw himself as the protector of the castle. He was alright with my English companion, but he saw me, being Irish, as a threat. I have been blind from birth, so I didn’t know the name of the weapon he came at me with, but after I described it I was told it was a mace. He swung it, and it felt as if he had fired a ball of energy at me. Then my guides formed a cordon around me and deflected the energy away. This Knight wasn’t a negative entity, but he was confused and stuck in that time frame. Once I had explained the situation to him he was fine.”

Intuitive, Mary Hykel Hunt had this to say about protecting yourself, “Psychic Protection is more an attitude of mind. It's about NOT expecting bad things to happen. But we can all use a bit of help with protecting ourselves, and the simplest and most effective form of protection I've ever found is just to visualize white light around you and any one or anything you value. It really does protect you from any negative interference. I do this all the time, as a matter of course - around myself, my husband, my children, friends facing challenges, even my cat (he gets gold light at the moment whenever he goes out, because another cat in the neighborhood is intent on beating him up regularly. The gold light does seem to work). The most recent example of how well this works happened when I went to Lincoln recently to have lunch with my daughter. I parked my car in the car park, got my parking ticket, visualized white light around the car and went off to meet my daughter. When I came back two hours later, I discovered I'd gone off leaving the driver's door not just unlocked but actually ajar! Nothing had been disturbed or taken - and that was at peak time in a busy city center just weeks before Christmas! Next time I'll put white light around my memory.”

According to Colin Fry of The Sixth Sense, psychic attack can easily be prevented. He told me, “Far too much is made of the so-called need for psychic protection. There are people out there in the industry scaring people into spending vast sums of money when there’s no need. I always tell my students at my International College of Spiritual Science & Healing that so long as they go into these things with a positive attitude and a productive aim, then they don’t need anything for protection but themselves. There is no need for crystals or anything like that because if you’re afraid, they will only amplify that. If you go in looking over your shoulder and waving a red flag, you’ll attract the very things you’re trying to avoid. You’ll become a self-fulfilling prophecy.” 

Best-selling author, Mia Dolan, said, “If you believe in the non-material world, then you have to accept that there is good and bad in it, so psychic protection is necessary. Having said that though, all you need to do is to work in a positive manner, with good intent. Also, you must always work within the light for the good of others, and not yourself. The easiest way to protect yourself apart from that is to develop your own little ritual. It doesn’t really matter what it is, so long as it shows your intent to stay within the light. Don’t let anything be a gray area, because that is a way of inviting dark energy in.

Twenty years ago, when I was still bumbling around, just starting building a reputation, I was asked to sit in a circle run by an American woman. The circle consisted of healers and people like that, and I did some work with them as a medium. For two weeks it went fine, but then the American researcher got a bit impatient and said, ‘This is fine Mia, but can we actually conjure something physical up?’ My guide, Eric, was saying, ‘No, don’t do it, you’re not ready!’ But my inexperience led me to try it, and I just opened up. I must have been shining out like a beacon. I heard, ‘It’s coming!’ The lights went off.

Suddenly the woman next to me started fitting, and a black shape started swirling around the circle. Every time it passed me my stomach dropped. I screamed out for Eric to help me, and he said, ‘Look at the cross!’ ‘What cross?’ I yelled back. Then out of the corner of my eye I could see the wavering form of a cross. I tried to concentrate on it, but every time I did the black shape would swoop at me. Finally, I managed to see the cross as solid, and at that second, the lights came back on and the shape was gone. The room was clear and people stopped screaming. That was the only lesson I ever needed to make sure I only worked in the light!”

Renowned medium Gordon Smith, said, “I believe that it is best to ignore psychic attack. To show any attention feeds the power, and if you have trust in who you are and what you are doing that it is all the protection you need. On one occasion I encountered a dark magician who basically informed me that he was trying to hinder my work by sending satanic images to pervert my work.

Initially I ignored him, and then phoned him to deal with it directly. I asked him why he couldn't come up with anything better, and if that was all he could throw at me. At that point he was just looking for attention and trying to create a drama. These things need that heightened drama, and the minute you bring it back down to earth and ground it, the energy just dissipates."

Methods of Protection


I make a habit every morning of picturing bright white light coming down to my head. I draw this light over my whole body, using rainbow quartz to amplify the energy. This takes a bit of practice but it soon becomes second nature. As with anything like this the key is intent. If you see the white light in your mind’s eye, it will be there in the form of an energy field that will protect you all day. This method can be easily tested in a car. When in a moving line of cars, visualize the light in a bubble over the car, and push it out behind you. You’ll find that the car behind will fall back, making you safer physically as well as spiritually.

Another method of visualization is to create a place of safety for yourself. It can be anywhere that you love and can easily picture. In any time of threat just place yourself there and understand completely that nothing can approach. It that is your intent, then nothing will be able to.

Power Words

Another way to get protection is to repeat a mantra. Devise one that is easy to remember and say, such as ‘I am safe. I am strong. I am untouched.’ This will encourage your subconscious to make it so, and as your higher mind is your most powerful weapon, you will be made safe. Believe it and it will be so. This of course is another form of prayer, and can be directed to the Universe generally, or to whatever God you believe in.

Group Protection

Any of the above will work for a group too, but if you meet regularly you should devise your own method of psychic protection. This can also be performed by a family to cleanse their home of dark energy. Everyone should stand in a Circle facing the center
Everyone should join hands to make a complete circle.

One elected person should give the purpose of the ritual, such as, ‘This group is united in truth and light and are here to share positive thoughts and manifestations.’

The members should take this as a signal to start visualizing a wall of light around the entire circle. It should then be gradually extended to form a barrier around the entire building they are in. Because this is a joint effort it will be much easier to make the ball of light big enough for this.

After a pre-arranged amount of time, the leader should break the silence by asking the whole group to say a blessing, such as, ‘May the divine creator bless this house and all who dwell here. May we all walk in the light of our own truth and remain safe when we leave this place.’

Cleansing the Body

For this you need to enter a light meditative state, and then concentrate on using your breath to cleanse your body. Inhale white light and exhale dark light. Concentrate on how your body is feeling and keep doing this until you feel an energy shift throughout your system. Then concentrate on each of your chakras in turn, pushing out any blocked energy with expelled air. Search your emotional body for any cords attaching you to negative people or places and firmly cut them.

Purifying the Spirit

Tune into your higher self and instruct it to get rid of any negative energy. See all your bad baggage as rubbish to be thrown out and burnt. Question your higher self as to whether you are opening yourself to psychic attack by hanging onto old resentments or guilt for things you feel you did wrong. Detach any of these as if they were fishing hooks, snagged into your soul. See the barbs disappear and dissolve, leaving your etheric body smooth and untouched.

Emergency Psychic Protection

Most religious symbols have the ability to protect their wearer from harm, and this is mainly because the devotee believes in them. Therefore they have strong intent, and remain safe from harm. If they didn’t believe, then the symbols wouldn’t work. If you suddenly find yourself under attack from psychic forces, you can use the symbol you have chosen and feel close to, by ‘drawing’ it in the air in front of you. First of all face the direction from which you feel the attack is coming.
‘Draw’ the symbol in front of you and then fling your arms out, as if to ward off the danger.


Crystals should be used with caution for protection. This is because a lot of them, especially clear quartz, are amplifiers. Obviously, if you are feeling negative, then the crystal will only make you feel more so. If you are going to use crystals you must make sure that you only give it positive energy to mirror. If you open yourself to a crystal while feeling negative, the crystal will pick up on this.


Magic Spell Box offers a spell to give you psychic protection. You get a pouch containing frankincense & rosemary, a pewter talisman, three red candles to create a triangle, and a bell to call on the element of air. This is completed with a clay bowl, a clay jug and a scroll with full instructions for the spell.


Healthlines produce a Guardian flower essence, which they say is an invocation formula that helps you create a powerful force-field of protection in your aura. It invokes positive, harmonious energies that help you claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries.

Rune expert, Sue Phillips, gives this advice about the use of crystals and runes for protection, “If you feel under psychic attack, it's a good idea to wear hematite as it is very grounding, and creates a kind of force field around you that little can penetrate. The only problem is that it will block most psychic energies to an extent, so if you wish to remain in touch with your psychic side, jade is better option. Sardonyx has traditionally been carved cameo-style to resemble an eye to ward off the evil eye. Avoid wearing Topaz if you feel vulnerable as I have found it helps others read your thoughts and that can be uncomfortable.

If you feel that someone is draining your energy then onyx will prevent this and may make you feel more energetic simply because it has stopped your energy flowing away.

I wore an onyx when I first had ME and found I had far more energy. I thought it was the crystal cure for the disease, but when others tried it, their ME remained the same. That was when I discovered I was being attacked by a psychic vampire. The onyx stopped the drain and so made me feel stronger.

If you plan to use rune visualization to guard against attack, remember to choose something familiar so that the image is clear and strong. The runes DAG and THORN are very protective, but unfamiliar to many, whereas imagining a brick wall between you and your attacker is far easier and therefore more effective. Traditionally, visualizing a magical cloak in dark blue is advised. The cloak will protect the wearer from all harm [of a psychic nature].

It seems to me that all you really need for psychic protective is a positive attitude and a virtuous intent. If any of the tools mentioned help to achieve that, then they are worthwhile. On the other hand if you are walking in your truth and standing in your own light, nothing can touch you, and you don’t need any props to help you.


Colin Fry –http://www.pathwaytospirit.co.uk/Colin-Fry.htm
Mary Hykel Hunt –Email: maryh2@tiscali.co.uk
Mia Dolan – author of Mia’s World: www.miadolanltd.com/
Sharon Neill – www.sharonneill.com Email:info@sharonneill.com
Magic Spellbox – Protection spell: www.magicspellbox.co.uk Tel:01789 290035
Healthlines – Guardian flower essence: www.healthlines.co.uk


Jenny Smedley had her life completely changed and enhanced by remembering her previous one. She has written three books about past lives, and has recorded a past life meditation CD, to help others change their lives as she did. www.jennysmedley.com What is a psychic attack, and why would you need protection against one? 


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