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The Olson Interviews with Marilyn Halle

Marilyn Halle on Understanding Aura Clearing - Personal, Home or Business

BOB OLSON: I’m Bob Olson, editor of OfSpirit.com and I feel privileged to have this opportunity today to interview Marilyn Halle. Marilyn provides a unique service that probably every one of us needs once or twice a year—she cleans auras. Otherwise known as Aura Clearing, this is where the energy field that surrounds us (the aura) is cleared of the negative, toxic energy that gets gunked up in there. She does this for personal auras, as well as the energy that exists inside homes and businesses.
Until recently, I didn’t know what to think about aura clearing. I was somewhat skeptical about its effect since I’d never met anyone who did this kind of work. Yet, I received an aura clearing by Marilyn and had some surprisingly positive results. So let’s welcome Marilyn now and ask her some questions about this fascinating subject.
Marilyn, welcome. Why don’t you first tell us what an aura actually is?
MARILYN: An aura is a luminous energy field that surrounds both animate and inanimate bodies. Everything and everybody has an auric field: rocks and stars, grains of sand, Canadian geese, blades of grass, trees, tables and chairs, dogs and cats, baby strollers and pickup trucks, spinach, orange juice and human beings. As a matter of fact, humans would not have being without the aura.
BOB: What do you mean that an aura is a “luminous” energy field?
MARILYN: The human aura is composed of Universal energy collected by the individual for his/her life support and life purposes. Luminous is used in the description because the aura gives off a form of light and color, which can be seen by persons with an advanced or high sense of perception. For those of us less gifted, it can be sensed or felt.
BOB: If an aura can be seen by some people, can it also be photographed?
MARILYN: Yes. In the early 1900s, a variety of medical doctors in America and Europe began to study the human aura. This led to actual measurement of the auric field. Since then a technique was developed called Kirlian photography, which does allow us to photograph the aura.
BOB: So why is cleaning, or clearing, your aura so important?
MARILYN HALLE: Aura clearing (cleaning), properly called an Aurapathic Survey, is vital to your personal and spiritual growth. Your aura, the field of energy that surrounds your body, needs to occasionally be detoxified and healed of the damage that accumulates over time. In some cases, people carry this damage from past lifetimes. Regardless of the cause of this damage, a toxic aura can negatively affect your thoughts, feelings and attitudes to a point that is destructive to your well-being. The good news is that this harmful damage can easily be erased, setting you free from the prison of self-limitation.
BOB: What are some of the signs that might indicate a need for a personal aura clearing, a.k.a. an Aurapathic Survey?
MARILYN: If you have had ongoing feelings of physical, mental, or emotional discomfort. If you recently went through a major transition: a divorce, a move, a change in employment. If you have a chronic physical condition that refuses to yield to treatment. If you have various stress related symptoms, feel drained of energy, or have long-term associations with negative people. These would all be reasons to get your aura cleaned. Many of these symptoms are related to having no shields in place to protect you, which make you susceptible to the stresses of everyday life. Once your aura is cleared, shields are always put in place.
BOB: I know that you also clear the energy inside homes and businesses. Tell us about that.
MARILYN: This is properly called a Geopathic Survey. Just imagine the buildup of negative energy inside certain homes or businesses due to past events at those locations, various people who once lived or worked there, and residue from negative people simply passing through. Many times, you can actually feel the denseness of the low energy when you enter such a dwelling. This is because negative energy can stick and linger inside such places like a kind of toxic waste that just floats around creating havoc. And, as if this wasn't enough to be concerned about, buildings are also frequented by ghosts, earthbound spirits and poltergeists that may also need to be cleared. The good news here is that the clearing is instantaneous, everything unwanted is cleaned out at the time of the clearing.
BOB: What are some of the signs that might indicate a need for a home or business energy clearing, a.k.a. a Geopathic Survey?
MARILYN: If you have feelings of unease inside your home or place of business. If you feel that someone or something is watching you. If you often have a feeling fear, or that evil is present, while in the dwelling. If unexplainable things happen periodically, such as unexplainable noises, things/furniture moving, flashes of light or shadows. If you have been unable to sleep or work in a particular location. If you feel drained whenever inside a certain dwelling. If there has been frequent sickness in your home or business. If you have any suspicious reason to believe that a ghost or negative entity has been creating havoc for you. These are all signs that you might need an energy clearing for that particular dwelling.
BOB: Now some of that seems kind of scary. But I have heard a lot of stories about people who think they have some unknown entity in their home.
MARILYN: Yes, it’s more common than most people realize.
BOB: Now getting back to Aura Clearings, briefly tell us how you do this.
MARILYN: To effectively clear an aura, I first seek out and list the types of negative or toxic energy that is lodged in the auric field. These can be negative thought forms, anger spears, dark entities, addiction entities, old attitudes and emotions that have become toxic, hexes, curses, and open portalways in the subconscious. These have to be identified in order to be removed. In addition to clearing , I also determine to what archangel realm the individual belongs, where their soul originated, and whether they have one or two God sparks. I determine the number of their spirit guides and which archangel energies they bring to the individual. The aura is then cleared and shields are placed around the individual for their protection.
BOB: And how about an energy clearing for a home or business, how is that done?
MARILYN: Clearing buildings (geopathic survey) is similar to an aurapathic survey, except the focus is on a building not a person, usually an individual's home and the land upon which it sits, although I have frequently done barns, warehouses, factories, office buildings, and automobiles. In this case, in addition to negative thought forms and entities, I look for earthbound spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, gateways and gatekeepers. I also check for ley lines and battleground activity. The building and objects, such as furniture within the building are then cleared in the same way as the aura, by connecting to the appropriate archangel realm. If you are an antique collector you may have acquired a good bit of negative energy along with the item. Your collector’s item may be broadcasting negative energy into your home. Even a new pair of shoes will carry the energy, for better or worse, of the various individuals who handled it during manufacture.
BOB: I understand that you can also clear the energy of websites to help improve them.
MARILYN: Yes. Even non-tangible things such as websites can be cleared because they, too, have an energy that surrounds them. It doesn’t surround them in the traditional sense, but rather, each website has an energy of it’s own, which each visitor senses when they look at it. And since negative energy can build up because of psychic attacks by people who are threatened by the site (in a political or religious manner, for instance), negative issues that occurred while creating or running the site (with employees, for instance), or any possible negative association that might be made with the site, the website owner would want to clear all that negativity out to start fresh and new.
BOB: Now I don’t want to get too technical, but what can you tell us about the makeup of the aura?
MARILYN: The human aura (energy field) has been divided by researchers into seven different, though interrelated, bodies or layers. These seven layers surround each other, yet, at the same time, blend with one another. Each successive layer vibrates at a more refined rate than the preceding layer, and each layer has its own function.
BOB: Okay, in as simple a description as possible, what are the functions of each of these seven layers?
MARILYN: Layer one relates to physical functions and is closest to the physical body. Layer two relates to emotions. Layer three relates to mental activity. Layer four relates to the ability to love. Layer five relates to the will, especially Divine will and the power of speech. Layer six relates to the Universal love that encompasses all life. And layer seven relates to the Higher Mind. All these layers are surrounded and encompassed by a web of energy sometimes referred to as The Golden Web.
BOB: So how do these seven layers affect us?
MARILYN: As we progress in consciousness from the first layer to the seventh, we become increasingly more spiritualized beings and our awareness becomes more expanded. Most people remain in the consciousness of layers one through three and spend a lot of time working on layer four, the ability to love. Levels one through three combined are called the personal levels. Levels four through seven are called the transpersonal levels.
Level four, the love/inspirational level, is a critical level in spiritual growth. It is the transition point where one develops one-hundred percent capacity to love, and at the same time develops the capacity to fully function on intangible levels of awareness. Once we have integrated the lower layers with the higher layers, we have taken ourselves beyond duality and have become truly whole, and have laid claim to all, not just part of ourselves.
BOB: How does the aura affect our physical health?
MARILYN: Good health occurs when there is unity of purpose between the lower personal levels and the upper transpersonal levels. Illness of mind, emotions or body occurs when there is conflict between the various energies and forces in the seven layers. Traditional therapeutic treatments are effective in treating physical and mental/emotional maladies. However, when these are treated only at those levels, the condition continues to exist in the more finely vibrating levels and is likely to manifest again if not cleared from the aura.
BOB: I understand that you work with the archangel realms. Is this true?
MARILYN: Yes. In fact, I work with seven archangel realms. After each aura clearing, I tell my clients which realm they are from. The archangels I work with are as follows:
Archangel Gabriel: This is the realm of music, sound, tone, vibration and the spoken word. Gabriel helps one to align with Divine energy or the Higher Self, purifies the ego and helps to realize Truth. Gabriel also assists in raising the mind and body from materialism to spiritual consciousness. This is the process known as resurrection. Gabriel energy signifies those who are realizing and demonstrating Divine power and might, and who have unified the inner faculties and elevated the consciousness to manifest oneness with God. Those who belong to this realm are often musicians, teachers, lecturers, actors and writers. Their work is frequently inspirational in some way.
Archangel Zadkiel: This is the realm of growth, building, creation, creative visualization, childbirth, manifestation and materialization. The name means “Righteousness of God.” Zadkiel is the archangel of Aquarius and originator and keeper of the Violet Flame, which transmutes every flaw of consciousness and character, and frees the soul to eternal life. Zadkiel brings Divine justice. He is the angel of benevolence and mercy and shines bright light on all who invoke him. Humans who belong to this realm can often easily manifest whatever they need.
Archangel Zophkiel: God’s lawyer. This is the realm of cosmic law and order. Assists Michael in battle. Often called God’s Spy because he sees what the enemy is doing. The name means “Knowledge of God, Divine Justice.” Zophkiel brings the right use of knowledge and the expansion of the intelligence of God into the hearts of those seeking God. This energy stimulates the crown chakra and brings consciousness of who one really is, the courage to be in Divine love, obedience to the will of God, and wise behavior.
Archangel Kamiel: Also spelled Chammuel, Camael, Kamuel, and Khamael. This is the realm of the power, energy and light. Kamiel is the archangel of love, righteousness, light and power. His energy washes away sin and sorrow. He gives the power of atonement with God, awareness of God’s love, and achievement or reunion with the Creator. Kamiel is the mediator of prayer of humans and the princess of the Seventh Heaven.
Archangel Auriel: Auriel rules nature, gardens and the physical body. Assists humans to connect with nature. Auriel means “Light of God.” Auriel is also the angel of prophecy and interpretation and can light up dark places. Also called the Angel of Retribution or the cure of stupidity in humans, by allowing one to learn from experiencing the consequences of one’s choices. Auriel has an extremely penetrating gaze and can see into motives and the subconscious.
Archangel Michael: The realm of Michael is that of protection, Divine inspiration, and a realization of the all-conquering power of God. Michael is sometimes called the Angel of Resurrection and is responsible for weighing souls for their final reckoning. Michael is also called the Angel of Cosmic Consciousness. He is a Prince of Heaven and a warrior. In that capacity, he is the Commander in Chief of the Celestial army. The name Michael means “looks like God.” He is depicted with a staff topped by a cross with scales midway of the staff.
Michael can be called upon for cleansing persons, groups or localities of discord or evil. He attacks evil and challenges those engaged in wrongdoing to convert their motives and energies into God-directed channels. He functions as a protector of those assigned to his realm and gives the power to discern enemies.
Archangel Raphael: Chief of the Guardian Angels, Angel of Divine Providence, Divine Healer. His symbols are a walking stick or staff, water gourd, pilgrim staff, outstretched hands, a wallet and a lyre. He is a friendly Being. He specializes in healing, nurturing, creativity, guarding young people, attention to spiritual growth, and a sense of humor. He guides spiritual wanderers, and is the patron of saint pilgrimages. He gives kindness to the lost and injured. He is the treasurer of creative talents, entrusted to the worthy whose work is to reveal beauty through the arts.
BOB: Now you have told me that these archangels are who actually do the aura and energy clearings upon your request, yet this still takes you a long time to do.
MARILYN: Oh, yes, it can take hours. There are a lot of details to check before a clearing is over, for both aurapathic and geopathic surveys.
BOB: And you do this at your home or office? In other words, you do not need to go to the client’s home or business to clear their energy, correct?
MARILYN: That’s correct. Absentee auric clearing is done through a system called radionics and through psychic dowsing. Radionics is the projection of a set of coded instructions that are formulated to be received and acted upon by various levels of the auric field in order to bring it into harmony. The psychic dowser, using a pendulum, can locate various types of negative energy existing within the human aura and connect with and project appropriate Universal energy into the aura to clear it of toxic energy lodged there. The same is true of energy within a home or business. And as mentioned, I work directly with these seven archangel realms in doing all this.
BOB: What information do you need from a client before doing a clearing?
MARILYN: To clear your aura, I will need your full birth name, birth date, and address. To clear a building, I will need the address, owner’s name, and sometimes a description of the property.
BOB: And how can people contact you?
MARILYN: People can call me at...[please read bottom of page].
BOB: People can also view your profile on OfSpirit.com at http://www.ofspirit.com/marilynhalle.htm . This has been very interesting. I realize that it is very complicated. It seems that the more you learn, the more there is to learn.
MARILYN: Yes, it has taken me several years to learn what I know, and I’m still always learning something new.
BOB: Marilyn thank you so much for teaching us about aura clearing.
MARILYN: Bob, it has been my pleasure. Thank you.
BOB: If readers would like to read about my own personal experience getting a personal and home aura clearing, visit http://www.ofspirit.com/bobolson39.htm 


We regret to announce that Marilyn Anne Halle died of natural causes at her home in York on August 9, 2009. She will be dearly missed and always remembered for the light she shined on those of us who had the privilege to know her. In regards to the role she played with the readers of OfSpirit.com, we smile brightly knowing that Marilyn can continue her work with greater ease and free from suffering on the higher side of life. Thank you, Marilyn, for caring so much. Your smile is forever embedded in our hearts.

Born January 30, 1933 in Dexter to Leona R. Hall (Peavey) and Charles E. Hall, she was predeceased by a sister, Jacquelyn McKenney of Dexter. She is survived by four daughters, Kathy Rinn of Tucson, AZ; Nancy Rinn-O’Donnell of Santa Barbara, CA; Marilyn Rinn of Cape Neddick, ME; and Jane Rinn of Medford, NJ; various nieces and nephews.

Marilyn graduated from Portland High School, attended Becker Jr. College (Worcester, MA), married and moved to Pennsylvania where she received a BA in Political Science, and, in 1975, a Master’s in Education at the University of Pittsburgh. Marilyn returned to New England in 1978 where she worked in various jobs as a professional counselor, and ended her career as a Juvenile Probation Officer for the State of NH. Upon retirement in 2004, she returned to her beloved Maine. Memorial donations may be made to Another Chance Animal Rescue, PO Box 552, No. Berwick, ME, 03906, or the charity of your choice.


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